24th International Storytelling Festival

Concurrently with national section of storytelling festival, the interntational section is held as well. In this section, all winners of previous Kanoon festivals, either from regional, national and international sections, all storytellers and
professional presenters, and the interested storytellers from other countries can participate in this section.
 Winners of all  levels: regional, national and international of previous festivals (except those storytellers at the level of national and international (final stage) not selected more than three times. 
 Professional storytellers and performers;
 Interested storytellers from other countries;
Tales’ Audience
 Toddlers, Children, Adolescents, Adults

1) Enrolling at the site and uploading the work, profile and documents;
2) Forming supervision and judging groups to evaluate the uploaded works;
3) Intrducing selected works to compete at the final stage;
4) Final competition at closing ceremony;


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